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Customized Support System: Optimizing Vertical Space

Renowned for our innovative, modular and safe tanks, we are constantly striving to improve our clients’ daily lives, going beyond the usual standards.

At Biexo, we understand that using space efficiently in the automotive service industry is paramount to maintaining smooth, well-organized operation.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a tailor-made support system, an essential solution to optimize oil tank installation at our clients’ sites, such as car dealerships, garages and other industry players.

Effectively managing their space is a major challenge for some professionals.

Given the need to store a variety of liquids and tools, space optimization is a priority.

Our custom support system provides an innovative solution to this problem.

By stacking several tanks on top of each other, this support system optimizes vertical space while reducing floor space requirements.

This solution is particularly valuable at facilities where space is limited.

What sets Biexo’s support system apart is the fact that it is unique on the Quebec market—something we’re very proud of.

Specifically designed to meet the requirements of professionals for whom space is a challenge, our support system offers a tailor-made solution to a common problem.

Our innovative approach is testament to our understanding of our clients’ specific needs and our ability to create tailor-made solutions for them.

Installing our support system not only optimizes space, but also improves operational efficiency.

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