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Standards de qualité

Nos produits sont bâtis et certifiés selon les standaros de qualite de Underwriters Laboratories; ULC S601-07 and UL 142.

ECO Philosophie

Tous nos produits destinés à l'entreposage et la manipulation de fluides automobiles ont été pensés et construit pour réduire au maximum les risques environnementaux.

Livraison Fiable

Le respect des délais de livraison est une priorité chez nous.

Oil storage is often a source of stress. Beyond the practical costs associated with spills there are also the environmental costs. At BIEXO, we understand the concerns of our customers.

To make life easier for bulk oil users
we have designed modular and safe solutions that go beyond the standard.
All of our large tanks (≥1137 liters) are equipped with a reinforced internal structure.
The top of our bench tanks is made from thick, high quality steel sheets1 that can withstand up
to 150 kg / 250 lbs2 without deformation.

To reduce the risk of oil spillage due to impacts, we offer double-walled tanks.
To ensure additional safety, all of our tanks can be equipped with retention ponds.

Small details are important to us because they provide you with the confidence you need to focus
on what really matters, your customers’ satisfaction.

Space optimization is a common challenge among our customers.
To address this, BIEXO has designed compartmentalized and modular tanks that can be stacked,
making it possible to store different kinds of oil in the same tank and at the same time
reducing floor space to a minimum.

At BIEXO each customer is unique.
Therefore, we have developed the expertise to create custom tank
to meet the needs of all of your special projects.
To know more about our fluids storage solutions, visit our website WWW.BIEXO.COM