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Quality standards

Our products are built and certified to the quality standards of Underwriters’ Laboratories; ULC S601-07 and UL 142.

ECO Philosophy

All of our products for storing and handling fluids automotive are designed and built to minimize environmental risks.

Reliable Delivery

Respect of delivery is a priority for us.

Innovative, modular and safe solutions that set new standards in quality.


Our laser cutting table: a high-performance tool for high-quality custom projects

We’re proud to have equipment that enables us to be efficient and effective. This includes our new laser cutting table, which plays a vital role in our tank manufacturing process.

Special projects

2 single-tank products:divided double-wall tanks

All models are also available with a single wall. The interstitial space is kept under vacuum (-17 PSI); this visual alarm system ensures the integrity of the inner wall. An audible leak detection alarm can also be added as an option.