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Biexo: An innovative solution to combat catalytic converter theft

Catalytic converter theft is a growing problem affecting many vehicle owners, both private and business. When one of Biexo’s employees was the victim of a catalytic converter theft at work, it was the trigger for a brilliant idea.

Aware of the existence of partial solutions on the market, Biexo decided to design its own model of protection against catalytic converter theft. Thanks to the purchase of a laser cutting table, the company was able to develop an innovative new product: the anti-theft plate.

The manufacturing process for this anti-theft plate is both quick and easy. First, the vehicle is placed on a lift to check and measure the anchor points. Next, a 3D drawing is made on the computer, followed by the cutting of a prototype on the laser table. After verification and testing on the vehicle, the final product is manufactured and installed on the vehicle.

Once installed, this anti-theft plate blocks access to the catalytic converter, creating a protective cage that is extremely difficult to cut. It is available in aluminium, stainless steel or ordinary steel, depending on the customer’s preference. The manufacturing process takes just 15 minutes, enabling fast, efficient production.

Biexo has already produced and successfully installed this product on two popular vehicle models, the Mitsubishi RVR and the Ford F-150. On the strength of these initial positive results, the company plans to design models for other vehicles frequently targeted by catalytic converter theft.

The product development phase is currently being finalized, with commercial launch scheduled for autumn 2023. Biexo plans to make the product available online, via its website, for easy access by potential customers. In addition, the company is planning a strategic partnership with dealers of the vehicle brands most affected by catalytic converter theft.

This anti-theft product offered by Biexo has many advantages. Not only is it affordable, but it also avoids many inconveniences such as vehicle immobilization and delays in dealing with insurers. Vehicle owners, whether individuals or companies, will be the main beneficiaries of this innovative and effective solution against catalytic converter theft.